Help Us Find A New Home!

The City of Refuge Christian Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization. We reach outside the walls of our church to help our local neighborhoods and surrounding communities. For over six years, we have been graciously giving (e.g. clothes, food, spiritual guidance, youth rallies) to our young people, our homeless community, our veterans, our parents and our underprivileged individuals. Our current leased building has been put on the market for 2.3 million, which forced us to search for another church home within our monetary limitations. A building in our community has become available for purchase. The original asking price was $95,000 which later was lowered to $79,000. We need an estimate of $23,000 in order to secure a mortgage on that property. Please help us to secure this loan, so we can continue to support our growing neighborhoods and communities. We are excited and looking forward to moving in a permanent building to continue the work that the Lord has commissioned us to do. The building and property will need to be renovated before we can move in. Therefore, we will need extra money and extra hands to help us with the repairs and improvements. Every little bit helps! Please give any monetary amount that you can provide towards helping us continue to C.R.E.A.T.E. HOPE!
Give Hope!
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